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Is Your Website Social? 2.0 or 3.0?

We’re going from Web 2.0 to 3.0 – are you stuck in 1st gear?

Is Your Website Social? Can it be Tweeted, Pinned, Instagramed, Stumbled Upon and Facebook Shared? Is it part of the ‘Internet of Things’?

Social Networking, such as Facebook and Twitter have come of age with Web 2.0 and many many purchase decisions are driven based on friend recommendations over social media. With the ubiquity of mobile and location aware data, this new Interactive, sharing space is known as “Web 3.0” because the webspace is interactive and people can comment on and share media, words, temperature and any other data, based on location… Web 3.0 is very instantaneous and location aware. Periscope, location aware video, is a gorgeous, prime example of what’s next in human communication. [] Another very good example of a Web 3.0 App is Dark Sky, an iPhone App that polls distributed barometer’s in app users iPhone 6 phones to predict microclimate changes, providing very accurate local forecasting. []

However, if your site is largely constructed of text as graphic elements and/or Flash, your site might not be readily shareable on Facebook and Twitter, which rely on Web 2.0 and 3.0 ready content delivered in standards compliant HTML, not Flash. In English this means, Facebook and Twitter can’t bookmark elements of your Flash Page, such as a picture or menu, and people cannot really interact with or recommend your companies products, menus, locations, etc. as an indivual, shareable piece of content, because they are trapped in Flash.

Encouraging Social Network Sharing. Beyond building your Website towards Web 3.0 Standards Compliant markup, we can place location aware buttons, as well as optimizing your Website pages to have preview control over social media posting content, so when people  share your Website content on Facebook and Twitter, they will link back to your Website, from a picture perfect social media post.

StarNYC: What is the New Electronic PR?

Back in 2001 when StarNYC used to talk about The New Electronic PR and how the Internet would revolutionize consumers’ brand perceptions as a PR touchpoint, we were treated with outright skepticism. Fast forward to today’s Twitter Era and we see Public Relations being conducted in real time. Just think of Jet Blue’s pioneering use of Twitter – to tweet customer service goodwill in response to a consumer complaint! As a former TV media ad executive, I ask, do you know how much $$$,$$$,$$$ we spent to create the goodwill awareness of just one tweet?

Customer Relations is intimately wedded to Public Relations in the age of instant media.

The Zeitgeist Web means that marketing, public relations and advertising are all taking place in the same space, and now this “BOX” is mobile and location-aware.

So ponder this for the future – StarNYC introduces the New Predictive PR – using your Web Presence, analytics and trends to predict your customers questions, wants and needs.

Stay tuned for our app that will change the way consumers relate to businesses – a reverse on traditional PR that will help businesses better serve the customer – knowing the difference between as whisper and a shout.

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