Mobile App Development

StarNYC creates Database Driven Mobile Applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. We specialize in location based Apps that use GPS to enhance the user experience.

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Corporate App Development & Prototyping

Using cross platform development technologies like PhoneGap, StarNYC can rapidly develop and prototype dynamic Corporate Applications with easy to use interfaces, maintaining high standards of data security encryption and best practices networking.

App Deployment Anywhere Anytime

StarNYC’s best Practices Method of Corporate App Deployment allows your company to exercise strong control on deployment;¬†instantly deny access and destroy app data when employees leave, or have their devices stolen or lost. StarNYC gives you the ability to update significant parts of your app, even add new capabilities with an entirely new module, without necessitating that your employees download a new version of the app.

Web Application Development

From E-Learning Courseware applications and E-commerce to massive data directories like, StarNYC Technology designs and conceives complex data models to power sophisticated Web Applications.

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