Rethink Restaurant Marketing

Your Front of House must fill 100 seats tonight. How many are already sold? When and where is your Point of Sale?

Internet communications including social media, blogs and digital mainstream media provide a unique opportunity for Restaurants to interact with their customers both on and offline. How well does your Restaurant treat its customers online? Hospitality is both digital and in person. Your Restaurant should lock in consistent Customer Care between treating its online and in-person Guests; never should you lose Reservations to poor quality online care.

medstarnyc-starmtl-critical-arcFrom marketing to reservations, to pre-paid gift cards, online ordering or printed gift certificates, we can help transform your Restaurant’s business online. The result is that in addition to your existing sales, your new online POS (Point of Sale) moves your cashflow ahead in time and allows you to make sales Globally, so people can gift meals locally.