StarNYC: What is the New Electronic PR?

Back in 2001 when StarNYC used to talk about The New Electronic PR and how the Internet would revolutionize consumers’ brand perceptions as a PR touchpoint, we were treated with outright skepticism. Fast forward to today’s Twitter Era and we see Public Relations being conducted in real time. Just think of Jet Blue’s pioneering use of Twitter – to tweet customer service goodwill in response to a consumer complaint! As a former TV media ad executive, I ask, do you know how much $$$,$$$,$$$ we spent to create the goodwill awareness of just one tweet?

Customer Relations is intimately wedded to Public Relations in the age of instant media.

The Zeitgeist Web means that marketing, public relations and advertising are all taking place in the same space, and now this “BOX” is mobile and location-aware.

So ponder this for the future – StarNYC introduces the New Predictive PR – using your Web Presence, analytics and trends to predict your customers questions, wants and needs.

Stay tuned for our app that will change the way consumers relate to businesses – a reverse on traditional PR that will help businesses better serve the customer – knowing the difference between as whisper and a shout.